There is an extraordinary connection between nutrition and your brain. Good nutrition is vital to it's health.

Living Mind are proud to announce the addition of Nutritional Consultations to their mental health and wellbeing services.

Why does nutrition have such an effect on mental health?

Many vital processes in your brain, including energy production, neurotransmission, and nerve growth and repair require nutrients to function. Foods are essential building blocks and co-factors for brain metabolism. 

Simply put, your brain is dependent on optimal nutrition for mental health.

Our Nutritional Consultant will assist you with:

  • Assessment of your current situation 
  • Dietary tips for better mental health
  • Some of best brain nutrients and foods
  • How to plan your daily nutritional schedule
  • Shopping list and healthy recipes

We truly believe mental health and nutritional health go hand in hand. We will support you with your nutritional needs in a safe environment. This will be on a strictly confidential basis.

This way, Living Mind and it’s professional team will offer you a complete care service that will include thorough Psychiatric Assessment, Consultation on Diet and Nutrition, Advice on Lifestyle and Complementary Therapies (Reflexology, Acupuncture and Mindfulness). We believe that an integrated approach will give you the best results.


For more information please contact us at E: T: 0044 (0) 77 5343 0829