Extract from journalist review by Metro.co.uk

Over a six month period we had the pleasure of treating journalist Jen Mills, who writes for the Metro. Here’s an extract from her article titled ‘I treated my depression by having magnetic pulses sent to my brain’

‘Six months after my first session, I’m not taking medication and I don’t feel like I need to. I’m starting to realise I could be (or even am) a pretty great person, and that there’s a lot I can do in the world and give to it.

‘It’s quite a reversal from feeling like a worthless POS who will never amount to anything, and doesn’t want to anyway because what’s the point?  The treatment has made me feel stronger. Perhaps that’s just a natural part of growing up, but for a lot of my life I felt like I couldn’t manage in the world properly, which led to situations that weren’t right for me and that were difficult to change. It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had top-up sessions each month after ending my six week course of RTMS, and have another booked in next month. I don’t know whether I’m really ‘cured’. A better term is probably ‘in remission’. Given my history with depression, I’ll always have to be careful of it. It’s positive to know that if my symptoms do come back, there is something simple I can do to deal with them without having to go back on medication.’ Jen Mills, Journalist for the Metro


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