Psychiatry at Living Mind

We combine western medicine with complementary therapies

We are an independent organisation offering individually tailored mental health assessments and treatments. Confidentiality and safety are always at the heart of our organisation. Our highly qualified and experienced Consultant Psychiatrists offer a range of psychiatric assessments, diagnoses and treatments whilst catering to your individual mental health needs. We treat a variety of disorders and illnesses through the practice of psychiatry including stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, psychosis, memory problems, addiction, bipolar and OCD. To access this treatment you will need a referral from a GP, Psychotherapist or Psychologist.

Living Mind offers unique integration of conventional Psychiatric Treatment which incorporates elements of CBT and Interpersonal therapies, with Complementary Therapies such as Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Reflexology as and when appropriate. We now offer state of the art drug free treatment, repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for Depression and other mental illnesses such as eating disorders and personality disorders.

We offer psychiatric assessments and treatment at our Harley Street Clinic - London, The Crushes Manor Clinic - Brentwood, Essex and The Carters Green Clinic - West Bromwich, Birmingham.

Our Lead Consultant

Dr. Arghya Sarkhel has over 20 years of experience within Mental Health services.


Our lead consultant - Dr. Arghya Sarkhel

Dr. Sarkhel has worked both for the NHS and privately. He is a professional, accommodating and sympathetic doctor who is passionate about the integration of complementary therapies with orthodox treatments. Dr. Sarkhel is on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council and a member of The Royal College of Psychiatrists. He has also been awarded a Fellowship by The Royal College of Psychiatrists for his contribution to Mental Health.

His professional memberships include:

  • General Medical Council

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

  • British Medical Acupuncture Society

Conditions We Treat Through Psychiatry

Psychiatry is an incredibly useful therapy for a number of conditions including:

  • Phobias

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Dementia and Alzheimers Disease

  • Addiction

  • Eating Disorders eg. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating

  • Mania

  • Low Moods

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Personality Disorders

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Schizophrenia

  • Anxiety

Your Journey To Recovery

Many people find their journey to recovery a particularly challenging one, it isn’t always linear and there can be many setbacks. The reward of recovery is always worth the setbacks involved. Here are the four steps you’ll take on your path to recovery:

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1) Initial Assessment

Assessments can take up to one hour and its purpose is to gather information about your mental health in order to diagnose you.

2) Diagnosis

Our diagnoses which may be provisional or definite depending on the case. Sometimes, it might take more than one session to complete the diagnosis.

3) Formulation of a Care Plan

Care plans can include: the prescription of medications, psychological interventions, physical investigations ie. blood tests, ECG and advising on social interventions

4) Discharge to your GP

Once we are satisfied that you have stabilised and you have a care package in place we will discharge you back to your primary care practitioner.

Psychiatric Assessments

Every patient journey starts with a psychiatric assessment

Our Consultant Psychiatrist will warmly welcome you into the clinic making sure you are comfortable before your appointment starts. We will then take consent from yourself and anybody else who would like to attend the appointment with you as confidentiality is incredibly important to us. You will then be invited into the treatment room and our consultant will explain the format and approximate duration to you. You will be allowed to stop at any time you would like, especially if you feel uncomfortable or distressed.

A thorough history will then be noted – starting from currently presenting problems, past psychiatric and medical history, personal background information including childhood, education, occupation, and any habits you may have. We will then undertake a mental state examination and a risk assessment. At the end of the appointment our Consultant Psychiatrist may then offer you a diagnosis and start formulating a care plan in collaboration with you, meaning you are in control of your treatment every step of the way.

A psychiatric assessment at Living Mind can take up to an hour and its purpose if to gather information about your mental health in order to diagnose you. It includes a thorough history of your physical and mental health, taking corroborative information from carers, family members, and friends (with patient’s consent) as and when appropriate. A follow up appointment can last between 30 mins and one hour. For dementia, ADHD and personality disorders, the initial assessment can take up to two hours as these conditions are more complex. Every assessment, initial or follow up, is followed by a letter to your GP (with patient’s consent). This letter contains a thorough account of the session, diagnosis and details of the care plan. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive care plans, we care not only about medications but psychological and social interventions.


Psychiatry For Dementia

Our Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Arghya Sarkhel has specialist training in Old Age Psychiatry. This type of psychiatry requires special skills for assessing cognitive functioning and prescribing appropriate pharmacological interventions. Old Age Psychiatrists are often requested to conduct specialist capacity assessments for patients suffering from Dementia regarding managing their property, finances, writing their wills etc.

Information for Carers of those with Dementia

We offer information to the carers at the time of assessments and in the follow up sessions. This is more about giving information about disorders, treatment options, coping strategies, signposting to various statutory and non-statutory organisations as and when appropriate.

Psychiatry For ADHD

Psychiatry for ADHD is primarily treated with medications and psychological interventions. Our Consultant Psychiatrist is trained to assess, diagnose and prescribe appropriate medications and monitor responses of such medications. Living Mind offers specialist assessments for adult ADHD. This condition is commonly associated with other mental illnesses so seeing a Psychiatrist is the best option as they can effectively manage multiple mental health conditions.

What our Patients Say:

I had a course of Psychiatric treatment with Dr Sarkhel which I can honestly say has changed my outlook on life. Along with the sessions he has introduced me to mindfulness meditation which I enjoy and feel really helps. He is very professional and accommodating with dates and times. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.
— Verified Patient

Fees for Psychiatry at Living Mind

Frequently Asked Questions about Psychiatry

► What does a psychiatrist do?

A Psychiatrist is a medical practitioner who has initially trained as a doctor and has later gone on to specialise in Psychiatry – a branch of medicine that deals with Mental health. Typically in the UK, Psychiatrists go through a basic training programme accredited by The Royal College of Psychiatrists for three to four years. Essentially - a psychiatrist is a mental health expert with a wider medical training that also includes various psycholgical interventions i.e CBT, Psychotherapy etc.

► Do I need a psychiatric assessment before treatment?

Everyone who we offer psychiatric sessions need an initial assessment. We also make sure that we rule out physical health conditions by advising on relevant blood tests, scans etc. For our patients’ convenience, we are able to organise these investigations privately. Most of the routine blood tests, we organise, we get the results within 24 hours and send the results to out patients. The only exception is if someone is already diagnosed by another psychiatrist and they come for rTMS, they can start the treatment straight away after a very brief consultation with our Consultant Psychiatrist.

► What does a care plan include?

A care plan is a document which includes details of your proposed care going forwards. It can be followed by each practitioner who supports you in your journey towards better mental health. It can include: details of your medications, including dosage and when you need to be monitored. What help you require and when, which psychological interventions and treatments are the most appropriate for your specific needs, and ways to reach out for help in an emergency.

► I feel low and stressed, is psychiatry right for me?

Perhaps. If you visit up with complaints of low mood or stress, you will still need a thorough assessment before we initiate the treatment. The main reason behind this low mood or stress can merely be a symptom, but it can also represent an underlying physical illness or diffrent types of Psychiatric disorders.

Psychiatry can help you on your road to recovery, you don’t have to suffer in silence - book an appointment now.

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