Living Mind endorse and comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR). If you wish to access the data we hold on you then please write to us along with your name, address, order details and contact information and we will be happy to process your request within 48 hours of receiving the request. Living Mind do not sell your information to 3rd parties.

This fair processing notice explains why we collect information about you and how that information may be used. We collect the information on need to know basis.
The health care professionals who provide you with care maintain records about your health and any treatment or care you have received previously. These records help to provide you with the best possible healthcare.

The health records may be electronic, on paper or a mixture of both, and we use a combination of working practices and technology to ensure that your information is kept confidential and secure. Records which Living Mind holds about you may include the following information;

  • Details about you, such as your address, carer, legal representative, emergency contact details
  • Any contact your surgery, hospital or Living Mind has had with you, such as appointments, clinic visits,
  • emergency appointments, etc.
  • Notes and reports about your health
  • Details about your treatment and care
  • Results of investigations such as laboratory tests, CT scan, MRI scanx-rays etc
  • Relevant information from other health professionals, relatives or those who care for you

To ensure you receive the best possible care, your records are used to facilitate the care you receive. Information held about you may be used to help protect the health of the public and to help us manage Living Mind. Information may be used within the practice for clinical audit to monitor and improve the quality of the service provided.
We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use information collected lawfully in accordance with GDPR 2018. 
Every member of staff who works for and with Living Mind has a legal obligation to keep information about you confidential. We will only ever use or pass on information about you if others involved in your care have a genuine need for it. We will not disclose your information to any third party without your permission unless there are exceptional circumstances (i.e. life or death situations), where the law requires information to be passed on and / or in accordance with the new information sharing principle following Dame Fiona Caldicott’s information sharing review (Information to share or not to share) where “The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect patient confidentiality.” This means that health and social care professionals should have the confidence to share information in the best interests of their patients within the framework set out by the Caldicott principles.
We may also have to share your information, subject to strict agreements on how it will be used, with the following organisations;

  • NHS Trusts / Foundation Trusts
  • GP’s
  • Your Insurance providers for invoicing and sharing care plans as and when advised by  the insurance providers
  • NHS Commissioning Support Units
  • Independent Contractors such as dentists, opticians, pharmacists
  • Private Sector Providers
  • Voluntary Sector Providers
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Social Care Services
  • Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)
  • Local Authorities
  • Education Services
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Police & Judicial Services
  • Other ‘data processors’ which you will be informed of

You will be informed who your data will be shared with and in some cases asked for explicit consent for this to happen when this is required. We may also use external companies to process personal information, such as for archiving purposes. These companies are bound by contractual agreements to ensure information is kept confidential and secure.
You have a right under the GDPR 2018 & Data Protection Act 1998 to request access to view or to obtain copies of what information Living Mind holds about you and to have it amended should it be inaccurate. To request this, you need to do the following:

  • Your request must be made in writing to us
  • There may be a charge to have a printed copy of the information held about you
  • We are required to respond to you within 40 days
  • You will need to give adequate information (for example full name, address, date of birth and details of your request) so that your identity can be verified, and your records located

Should you have any concerns about how your information is managed at Living Mind, please contact the Practice Manager. If you are happy for your data to be extracted and used for the purposes described in this privacy notice, then you do not need to do anything. If you have any concerns about how your data is shared, then please contact Living Mind. Should you have any concerns about how your information is managed by Living Mind please contact the Practice Manager at the following address: Living Mind, 10 Harley Street, W1G 9PF

It is important that you tell the professional treating you if any of your details such as your name or address have changed or if any of your details such as date of birth is incorrect for this to be amended. You have a responsibility to inform us of any changes so our records are accurate and up to date for you.
The Data Controller, responsible for keeping your information secure and confidential is: Living Mind Ltd.

We will use limited information about individual patients when validating invoices received for your healthcare, to ensure that the invoice is accurate and genuine. This will be performed in a secure environment and will be carried out by a limited number of authorised staff working for Living Mind. 

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We will not sell (or trade or rent) personally identifiable information to other companies as part of our regular course of business. We use the latest encryption
technology, and all employees that we do hire must sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids them from disclosing any information to which the employee has access, to other individuals or entities.

When all is said and done, you can visit Living Mind & sites without letting us know who you are and without uncovering any data about yourself. There are times, in any case, when we may require data from you. Living Mind Ltd. does not impart particular data about you to non-subsidiary organisations except for: 

  1.  to give items or administrations you've asked for; 
  2.  when we have your authorisation: or
  3.  under the accompanying circumstances:
  •  We react to subpoenas, court requests, or lawful procedure, or to build or activity our legitimate rights or safeguard against legitimate cases;
  •  We accept it is important to impart the data with a specific end goal to explore, avoid, or make a move against any illicit exercises, suspected duplicity, circumstances including potential dangers to the physical security of any individual, or as overall needed by law.
  •  We accept it is important to impart the data with a specific end goal to secure or uphold Living Mind Ltd.'s rights, utilisation terms, and erudite or physical property or for security of Living Mind Ltd. or co-hosted gatherings.
  •  We may impart data about you if Living Mind Ltd. is obtained by or fused with an alternate organisation.
  •  You may decide to provide for us particular data, for example, your name and location or email ID address ('ID') that may be required, for instance, to compare with you, for you to download our white papers, to give you information membership data and so forth. We expect to secure the quality and honesty of your identifiable data.
  •  Living Mind Ltd. won't be obligated to any unsolicited data gave by you. 

You agree to Living Mind Ltd. utilising such data according to Living Mind Ltd.'s security approach.
We will attempt to react in an auspicious way to your appeals to amend errors in your particular data. To adjust errors in your individual data, please give back where it's due holding the mistakes to the sender.

We here and there gather unknown data from visits to our locales to help us give better client administration. Case in point, we stay informed regarding the areas from which individuals visit and we likewise measure guest movement on Living Mind Ltd. sites, yet we do so in ways that keep the data of the guest unnamed. Living Mind Ltd. or its subsidiaries or sellers may utilise this information to dissect patterns and facts and to help us give better client administration. We uphold the
largest amounts of privacy for this data. Our offshoots and sellers accompany the same elevated amounts of privacy. This unknown data is utilised and examined just at a total level to help us comprehend patterns and examples. None of this data is assessed at a singular level. 

Living Mind Ltd. distinguishes the receipt, transmission or conveyance of spam messages # (i.e. unsolicited mass messages) as a significant concern and has taken
sensible measures to minimise the transmission and impact of spam messages in our nature. 

All messages accepted by Living Mind Ltd. are liable to spam check. Any email distinguished as spam will be rejected with sufficient data to the sender for making
vital moves. With this measure, in addition to other specialised spam decrease measures; Living Mind Ltd. would like to minimise the impact of spam messages. Living Mind Ltd. maintains all authority to reject or report any suspicious spam messages, to the powers concerned, for important movement.

Living Mind Ltd. may give connections to outsider sites for your accommodation and data. In the event that you gain access to those connections through the Living Mind Ltd. site, you will leave the Living Mind Ltd. site. Living Mind Ltd. does not control those locales, or their protection rehearses, which may contrast from Living Mind Ltd.'s practices. We don't embrace or make any representations about outsider sites.
The particular information you decide to give to or that is gathered by these outsiders, including any online networking sites emphasised on our site, is not secured by the Living Mind Ltd. Privacy Policy. We urge you to audit the protection approach of any site before submitting your individual data. We might likewise give online networking characteristics on our site that empower you to impart Living Mind Ltd. data to your interpersonal organisations and to communicate with Living Mind Ltd. on different online networking locales. Your utilisation of these characteristics may bring about the accumulation or imparting of data about you, contingent upon the characteristic. We urge you to survey the protection strategies and settings on the online networking destinations with which you interface to determine you comprehend the data that could be imparted by those locales.

Living Mind Ltd. regards your security contemplation and subsequently gives an alternative to you, to not give the information or data looked to be gathered. Further, you can likewise withdraw your assent consent which was prior provided for Living Mind, and the same must be imparted to Living Mind Ltd. in composing.

Living Mind Ltd. might not be answerable for the realness of the Personal Data supplied to it by the supplier, whose obligation it is to guarantee that the data given by it or its workers are true.

Any grievance or protestation, in connection to transforming of data, ought to be sent to Living Mind Ltd. in keeping in touch with accompanying contact email ID. Grievance should be reviewed as speedily as could reasonably be expected. Email:

Please kindly note that this Policy may change occasionally. We won't decrease your rights under this Policy without your expressed assent consent. We will post any Policy changes on this page. We will likewise keep former variants of this Policy in a chronicle
for your survey.