Living Mind are now offering Integrated TMS

A ground breaking non-invasive treatment for depression, chronic pain, migraines and other disorders at our Harley Street Clinic in London. Integrated TMS will also be available at our Essex clinic from September 2018.

Read our latest coverage on Integrated TMS in here

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment is approved by NICE (National Institute for Health Care and Excellence 2015) as a particularly powerful method of treatment for depression, chronic pain, migraine and other disorders. Dr. Arghya Sarkhel explains more in the video below.

Living Mind is an independent organisation offering individually tailored Mental Health assessments and treatments. Confidentiality and safety are always at the heart of our organisation. Our services are available through out-patient clinics at various locations within the UK.

Alternatively contact us by email or call 07753 430829.

Living Mind are proud to be partnered with Pharmacierge

Get your prescription delivered straight to your door within hours!

Living Mind are now partnered with Pharmacierge, a prescription medication concierge service. This service offers convenient free delivery of your prescription medication to the location of your choice within all London postcodes. This approach is particularly helpful for our patients as they may lack motivation to visit the pharmacy, or just prefer a more discrete approach to receiving their medications.  

Simply ask Dr. Sarkhel to use Pharmacierge to make use of the service.