Medico Legal Reports for Solicitors

With extensive experience of assessing mentally disordered offenders, our Consultant Psychiatrist can offer high quality assessments and opinions on the following:

We product Medico Legal Reports for:

  • Fitness to plea

  • Trauma/injury related psychiatric disorders

  • Occupational health

  • Employment Tribunal

  • Testamentary Capacity

  • Capacity assessment for Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Assessment for clients with Cognitve Impairment

    We support

  • Magistrates

  • Lawyers

  • Solicitors

  • Courts

  • Police Forces

  • General Practitioners

  • The Crown Prosecution Service

  • Coroners

  • Other healthcare providers

It involves reviewing relevant notes, assessment and preparation of the report. Our hourly rate is £200. So the total cost will depend on the total time it takes.