Mindful Living - Self Help Mindfulness CD
Manage your emotions and energy through simple mindfulness exercises

by Dr. Arghya Sarkhel


Join Dr. Sarkhel on a journey of self discovery, learning how to be present, and manage your emotions and feelings along the way.

Dr. Sarkhel of Living Mind, is a private Consultant Psychiatrist with over 20 years experience in the field. Dr. Sarkhel is incredibly experienced and has successfully integrated Mindfulness in managing a number of emotional difficulties. In his patients' words ' It has been a life changing tool', 'Wish I could have started when I was young', 'my anxiety has gone'.

These mindfulness exercises have helped all kinds of people who have been seen in clinic over the last few years. Dr. Sarkhel therefore decided to compile these tracks in response to a growing need for mindfulness exercises and complementary treatments. These short tracks are available for everyone, not just those who are suffering. These exercises can only help strengthen your inner resilience.

Available on Deezer, CD Baby, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other platforms.

I love this CD! It is incredibly easy to follow as Dr. Sarkhel guides you through each step of the way. I always struggled to find time to be mindful but the course has helped me to build mindfulness into my daily routine. Mindfulness has been an incredible tool which has helped me to alleviate symptoms of my anxiety which is mostly work and stress related. The tracks are easy to listen to, and great for beginners.
— Amy. M