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 I am loving every minute of my weekly Lymphatic drainage Reflexology sessions with the adorable Malini. After my first session I noticed my face seemed less bloated. (Puffy) I was excited to see if this would continue. It definitely has and people have now been commenting. I always feel really relaxed after my sessions. The room is warm and cosy with candles burning and soft music playing. It is a truly wonderful, life enhancing experience that I would recommend to everyone. Thank you Malini xx - EMc 01/2017
"Dear Dr. Sarkhel, I would like to thank you for your time. I was very grateful! I feel I can talk to you as I find talking very hard. You are a very caring person and I thank you."   - LC
"We have had an excellent service from Dr. A. Sarkhel, the Consultant Psychiatrist. He rang with an early appointment as he had a cancellation. My daughter was very concerned as she has been ill for nearly two years and was frightened that they would say - 'she had.... Disorder' and not continue to discover the real problem. Dr. Sarkhel was kind, thorough and extremely professional. He told her immediately the diagnosis. The relief was tremendous." - MT & GG
"Thank you for the outstanding care I received. My care was five-star!" - JK
"I thank you for all your help" - HA
"Just wanted to thank you for taking care of me and your ongoing support. Words can't express how grateful I am" - H
"Thank you so much for all that you have done for my daughter" - K
I had acupuncture as a result of an injury to my lateral ligament. It was amazing, I had immediate relief from the pain and subsequent sessions. I am sure this made my leg heal quicker than it would have done. It's completely painless and has amazing effects, would definitely recommend.
Julie H  14 April 2017
 Had my first ever reflexology treatment yesterday with the wonderful Malini.

Wow! What an amazing experience! Unbelievably relaxed and totally chilled out.

Will definitely have many more treatments.

Simply the best Malini. 
from Alan Carrington  16 March 2017
Completely enjoyed my reflexology session wit Malini. Being a GP, I sit at the desk all day which gives me Neck and Shoulder area muscle tension. The session not only helped me to relax and de-stress but added benefit of detoxing my body while relaxing. It was a wonderful experience and looking forward to my next session- highly recommended!!
Dr Tripti Gupta   10 March 2017
 I have reflexology once a month for stress relief and hormone balance. It is very relaxing and really helps my symptoms. I would definitely recommend to anyone for relaxation! J H   14 April 2017