Understanding Depression: What is it? How can you beat it?

Depression is a symptom that each of us can experience in our lifetime. But it is only considered as illness or disorder when low mood becomes pervasive and persistent irrespective of the possible triggers and when it compromises our social and or occupational functioning. It can affect our appetite, sleep and energy. Losing interest in day to day activities is one of the characteristic symptoms. Attention and concentration are also affected. 


We tend to form rather pessimistic views about almost anything about ourselves and the world around us. Blaming ourselves, excessive feelings of guilt, hopelessness and helplessness shape an individual’s thought patterns. Sometimes, depression is so intense and severe, we may have thoughts of deliberate self harm or even suicide. 

On a positive note, Depressive disorder is potentially a treatable condition. As it's aetiology is multifactorial i.e biological, psychological and social; the treatment plan should also address these domains.  At Living Mind, we look into these factors in a systematic manner. 

To diagnose, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sarkhel goes through an extensive initial assessment, and makes sure that the diagnosis is accurate. This rules out any other possible physical illnesses that could mimic the  symptoms of depression. The patient is always involved while formulating a comprehensive care plan. 

At Living Mind, we have taken a step further.  Our emphasis is on bringing non pharmacological and pharmacological treatments together including complementary therapies. We offer Reflexology, Mindfulness and Acupuncture, advice on Lifestyle and Nutrition.  We have observed significant improvement with inclusion of these complementary approaches. 

Very soon, we will be able to deliver state of the art, drug free intervention for Depression in the form of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). This is a groundbreaking, new biological approach which targets the part of the brain responsible for the symptoms of depression. It is safe, effective and does not need sedation or anaesthesia. This is widely practised in USA and Europe.  At Living Mind, rTMS can be combined with other modalities of treatment depending on needs and patient’s choices.

Our focus is making accurate assessment, exploring the different aetiological factors and delivering the most appropriate treatment suitable for the individual person. Our humble goal is Making Lives Meaningful!

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